PJMedia's Roger L. Simon has a blog post that nails it right on the head: Will the GOP let the MSM back for the primary debates of 2016?

Mr. Simon writes:

"The last election was arguably over and done before the real battle started when the mainstream media overtly and covertly made mincemeat of the Republican candidates during the primary debates, effectively neutering them for the main event."

He also reminds us that:

The presidency is not a debating contest and the president should not necessarily be a great or even the best debater. Lincoln and Douglas were a bit before my time, so I will assume they had special skills, but I can’t think of one presidential candidate or president of either party in my lifetime who was an exceptional debater. If that’s what you’re looking for in a president, elect Alan Dershowitz or the late Johnnie Cochran. Those guys would probably run rings around any president since Roosevelt in a Lincoln-Douglas mano-a-mano."