Millions of people were stunned by the result of that fateful night. And the first question that many people had was "how could all the polls have been so wrong?"Rasmussen and Gallup, traditionally understood to be among the most accurate polls, had Romney. And these indicators were backed up by the scientific data:, a site which adjusted for the left-wing bias of many polling organizations, also showed a clear victory for Romney.

These people are asking the wrong question. It's clear that polling has shown itself to be the inaccurate science that it is -- if you can even call it a science. As we've seen, even the best polls got it wrong.

The disastrous results were due to an uninformed electorate. And -- we'll just come out and say it -- this lies at the feet of Romney and his campaign. They simply did not do enough to educate Americans about the facts behind Obama's presidency. Sure, those of us who watch Fox News understand what's going on, but Romney's team forgot that there's a critical mass of voters who watch other news channels besides Fox, or who don't watch Fox News at all.

Case in point -- Benghazi. This is a scandal that's literally worse than Watergate, but with the exception of Fox News, the networks were afraid to touch it. And Romney barely gave it lip service.

Donald Trump delivered what should have been a crushing blow to the Obama campaign just weeks before the election, by exposing Obama's unwillingness to release his college transcripts. As a result, $5 million -- which could have gone to any charity that Obama had chosen -- stayed in Trump's bank account.

But did the Romney campaign mention this? Not once.

The fake birth certificate? Barely a mention. The election fraud. The rumors about homosexuality. The mysterious trips to Pakistan. Nothing.

Instead, the Romney campaign spent its time (and ad money) talking about the Romney tax plan, which proved to be a subject that was over the heads of many people. The campaign ads drilled on Romney's promise to repeal ObamaCare, but the campaign apparently didn't know that many people who don't watch Fox News apparently think ObamaCare is a good thing. These are, presumably, the same folks who think climate change is real, or that supply-side economics is a hoax -- but whether we like it or not, they make up the electorate.

The silver lining is that it's never too late to educate people. Sites like Conservative Fact Check can play a small part.

Let's not wait for four more years before we get the word out -- let's start now